I’m a software engineer in Philadelphia.

This site is a collection of guides.

It’s rare to go a day at work without needing to do some research to get past a blocker. Often, it takes a few different posts and StackOverflow answers to find all the relevant information that ultimately helps solve our problem. Implementing the solution itself might be quick, but finding the right posts and right combination of steps takes time to read and to process.

On top of that, how confident should we be that when we get past this blocker, it’s the last time we’ll ever encounter it? I’d bet the opposite.

The posts on this blog are guides to get past blockers that I’ve run into before and expect to run into again in the future. It might be in a week, a month, or a year, but it’ll save time to have the research already compiled and a set of steps that I know worked for me before. Hopefully, you find it useful too.